A feature length documentary about the underage architects of Sioux Falls punk.

Largely ignored and left to their own devices, a group of unassuming teenagers in late 80s and early 90s Sioux Falls, South Dakota created their own culture, community, and economy. And when they moved out into the world at large, they brought what they learned along with them.

I Really Get Into It: The Underage Architects of Sioux Falls Punk is a story about the tenacity and ingenuity of youth, finding and following your convictions, and how the kids you least expect often make the most noise.

Featuring interviews with Larry Livermore (Lookout! Records), Ian MacKaye (Fugazi, Minor Threat), Mike Park (Skankin' Pickle), Terry Taylor (Hammerlord, Nodes of Ranvier), Rebecca Hanten (Cadillac Blindside, The Cardinal Sin), Shawn Kock (Blood Drugs, Absolute Monarchs), and many more.



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