DVD Supreme Deluxe Plus (limited to 25)

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DVD Supreme Deluxe Plus (limited to 25)

The perks at this tier are very fun, and very limited (only 25!):

- I Really Get Into It DVD

- A copy of the original "making of" zine, "A $900 Insurance Check & and Almost Certainly Stolen Camera" written by the movie's director, Brian Bieber.

- A set of 3 unique postcards inspired by and celebrating the Sioux Falls DIY punk scene.

- "SFSD PUNX" acrylic pin patterned after Sioux Falls scene vet Shawn Kock's knuckle tattoos.

- A limited edition I Really Get Into It soundtrack on cassette, featuring songs from the movie, including four previously unreleased tracks from Sioux Falls musicians. Digital download card included.

- I Really Get Into It VHS. This is an extremely limited run of the movie on VHS, with unique artwork.

- I Really Get Into It online Watch Party with Terry Taylor. We can't all get together for an in-person screening, but about 25 of us can get together online to watch it together, with Terry. Part movie screening, bigger part fun hang out, this is a real, one-time opportunity.

I Really Get Into It, preserved on physical media. More permanent than a digital copy (which isn't even available anyway). Plus you get the beautiful artwork by designer Hanna Peterson.

"A $900 Insurance Check & and Almost Certainly Stolen Camera" written by Brian Bieber. A kind of explanation from the director for why he thought it was a good idea to make a movie, even though he had no real reason to believe that.

It would be great if we could all be together to reminisce about our time at Nordic and The Pomp Room and Odd Fellows and The Madhatter and The Pomp Room and each other's basements (but not Center Stage), but until then, why not send a postcard to someone from the scene that you love?

A limited run acrylic lapel pin patterned after the actual tattoos on the actual knuckles of actual Sioux Falls punk scene vet Shawn Kock (Words Not Spoken, Zombies in Congress, Das Llamas, Absolute Monarchs, Blood Drugs, ex Licks). Really dresses up a hoodie. Really dresses down a sport coat (in a good way).

Say what you want about the movie itself, the music is good as hell. The limited run cassette contains 12 songs featured in the documentary, including tracks from Floodplain, Jedi, Dead History (fea. Matt Rezac and Brock Specht of Floodplain), and Beehive Vaults, a late 90s project featuring Shawn Kock and Nathan Thelen (Splay 120, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Drug Cabin). No worries if you don't have a tape deck, each cassette also comes with a digital download card.

The feature length movie, presented on the format most of us consumed our media in back then. Period-appropriate artwork unique to the VHS format. This will look great on a shelf next to your The Young Ones box set.

Join director Brian Bieber and noted Sioux Falls promoter Terry Taylor for an interactive, casual online watch party. Ask Terry about the time he found a loaded gun in the pit. Ask Brian why Shawn's interview is a little out of focus sometimes. Say hello to old friends. It'll be fun.